Monday, March 2, 2009

I've got troubles, whoa-oh

This world is full of it. Problems and troubles abound, seemingly surrounding us on every side (redundancy for $500, Alex). Take for instance this morning. I was on my way to work, minding my own business while driving down the freeway. I usually move as quickly as I can to the far left lane because the right lanes get clogged a couple miles after I get on the freeway because of the major downtown exit and everyone trying to get to work at the same time.

So, naturally, in an effort to maximize the use of my time on my way to work, I try to avoid traffic (read: I'm late and in a hurry). Well, this morning the traffic wasn't too bad as I made my way to the far left lane. I couldn't quite get there right off the bat though, so I was cruising along in the next-to-the-far-left-hand-lane when some bozo decides he wants my place in the lane. This guy came from the right, seemingly without looking and cut right in front of me.

This really torqued me off and as I was able to move left (finally!) and pass the yahoo, he turned and looked at me with a look of smug superiority on his face. Apparently he didn't know he'd just been passed by a Civic. Sucker. I wanted to wipe that smug look off his face with my right (or left) fist. As I passed him and steamed, I came to a realization.

If I had punched that guy in the face, my problem would have been solved. I think this could be extended to more than just the jerk who cut me off. If everyone who deserved it got punched in the face, think of how happy the world could be. Think about it -- school yard disputes used to be settled by a fist fight and then they were over and done with, hockey players fight and then the conflict is over, boxers...well, boxers take a little while, but the idea is the same.

I wonder how many of the world's problems could be solved by a simple punch to the face. One person can made a difference. Remember the guy who would go around hugging people at random? Imagine the impact he had on people's lives. I would bet this would be similar in scope.

I'm going to implement this practice in my life. You can all thank me later for doing my small part to help this world.

Think globally, act locally. Amen.


Brian said...

This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer goes around challenging everyone to a duel. Everything worked out for him until the Texas tycoon accepted his challenge.

So perhaps punching people would work, only until you run into someone who decides to punch back. But I still like the idea. You have my support.

Anonymous said...

Worked in Japan's Parliment! They didn't like what the guy was saying, so they punched him haha! I'll find a youtube of it for you!

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

I saw you had commented on my blog, so I thought I'd check yours out as well. Let me know if you go on our punching rampage and I'll be there with a video camera like Oprah on a hot ham!

I also clicked on your Google Ads. Good luck with the Truck. I have Google Ads on my blog but am aiming for a PS3, so keep that in mind as well.



Matt and Shauna Maylin said...

Ha ha! That is hilarious!!! :) You crack me right up!